A parents' gift

In 2007, when he was just two years old, our son Martino started to find almost everywhere different species of mantis (and other more common insects).
At that time, during summer he used to spend most of his time in the countryside, often playing on the ground, and this may help understanding why that was so easy for him.
The wonder of adults hearing about his talent may be explained by the fact that they never saw such insects and many of them could have even sweared that mantes were exotic animals not living in our region.
In 2010, when he was just 5.5 years old, he found an extraordinary specimen of Empusa pennata and this was the beginning of our attention towards insects and his big concern about them.
In 2011, he began his underwater experience (telling apart dozens of sea animals), and for his 6th birthday, we offered him a camera.
In fall 2017, as younger as 12, he started reading scientific papers (e.g. Insecta Mundi) and summarising insects' properties for his brothers and friends.
The same year (2017), he began to write light essays about them, naturally avoiding to reproduce texts from books (or from the world wide 'web'), but just collecting information and organising it in his popular educational style.
His parents decided to offer him this homepage in order to let him publish his photos and the corresponding cards.

November, 11th 2017 - Antonio Romano & Francesca Manco